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ABA Therapy and Functional Assessments in Franklin, Tennessee

Help your loved one alleviate the symptoms of autism disorder through ABA therapy and functional assessments provided by Dian R. Bridges in Franklin, Tennessee. Bridges administers professional behavior assessments to find the best ways to help your family member.

ABA Therapy
This therapy is most effective for children, but can be effective for adults as well, who have autism and other related disorders. The benefit of this therapy is an alleviation of symptoms and more normal classroom inclusion and development. This process will provide discrete trial training, and or incidental training and skill development.

Behavior Assessments
Let Dian R. Bridges identify the specific behaviors of concern and what replacement skills are necessary through her behavior assessments.  An initial interview is used to identify behavioral problems and after the process is complete, she offers possible suggestions or treatment options for you to choose from. You will have access to the ABLLS®-R Assessment and Learning Program as needed.

Happy Kids, Functional Assessments in Franklin, TN

Functional Assessments
This assessment allows for a more detailed look into each patient and identifies specific conditions under which a specific behavior may or may not occur. She will address their problems with access to attention and tangible sensory reinforcement. With this assessment, patients can more readily decrease a problem behavior, or increase a skill that needs to be learned.

Behavior Treatment Plans
Based on the assessment, she will create the perfect treatment plan for your loved one. You will receive specific social mediated instructions on events that may have an effect on their behavior. Parents or aides will be taught these tools to decrease any negative behavior and increase their skills.

School Consultation
Come to Bridges to collaborate on creating an Individual Education Plan. Her consulting services are offered for schools with behavior treatment plans to help them understand any learning and behavior issues your child may experience. She will also consult with psychiatrists and medical professionals, speech and language pathologist, general practitioners and occupation therapists.

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